A downloadable game for Windows

Maybe there's nothing special in this room or maybe not...

This is an interdimensionnal maze in only one room. Find the exhibition and the finished statue... and maybe others secrets.

Information :
You can just move, there is no "use" button.
Explore and watch to find secrets.

PS : Sorry, the first version has some glitches... no sound played, some trigger don't work and it's very slow.

Game made in 72h for Ludum Dare 37 - Theme : ONE ROOM

Created by Five Cyclops with Unreal Engine 4

Ludum Dare Entry Page


RoCaC_LD37d.zip - post jam version (final update) 175 MB
RoCaC_LD37.zip - optimized update 181 MB
RCC_LD37.zip - jam version 174 MB