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The Golfing Dead

LUDUM DARE 41 : Combine 2 Incompatible Genres

The game is a physics-based golf simulation and a physics melee (close combat) fighting against zombies. Use your mouse to swing the golf club and dismember zombies.


A Golf Resort has been built on a old cemetery. Furious, Hell has released a hord of zombies on Earth. Your mission is to finish all the golf courses with a Holly ball, in order to bring peace to souls of the deads. Are you ready for "The Golfing Dead"?

Right click : Swing
Left click : Watch around
E : Third person left view (when you swign)
R : Third person right view (when you swign)

(controls are customizable)

A game by Five Cyclops

Code & Design : Dorian Sacomant
3D Modeling : Samuel Sacomant
Level & Design : David Sacomant
Additionnal 3D Models : Jonathan Sacomant
Sounds : Robin Schneider
Tests : Auberi Terre, Elise Martelli, Francois Renou

Game Engine : Unreal Engine 4

Ludum Dare, Jam > Page Entry : https://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/41/golfing-dead


GolfingDead_V1.1.zip (post-jam version) 200 MB
GolfingDead_V1.zip 175 MB


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Which is the newer version?

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GolfingDead_V1 is the Jam version, more difficult, than the post-jam version (V2)